Vision Kids

  • Connect groups are a great way to meet other people and build authentic relationships. No matter what your age, interest or situation, we have a connect group that’s just right for you.
  • We have a men’s group that meet to pray weekly and a monthly business men breakfast (the breakfast Club) that meet once a month; groups of women who meet at café’s, sport groups golf, touch rugby, biking walking, etc and last but not the least of it groups who meet in homes on week nights.
  • We want to help you find the best group that works for you! By being part of a Connect Group we can care for you, pray for you and encourage you to be all God has called you to be and together do the God business


Connect Group Leaders

  • women’s: Jo monthly cafe meet, Shelley , Natasha & Robyn; Young Married Sharon and Israel: Young Adults Jack and Sari, Clive Robbie and Michelle, Hastings Kristy, Havelock North Doug @summerset, Theo, Marilyn and Priscilla Men’s Breakfast Club Roger , Prayer Jack
  • How to find a connect group - contact office