Community Sizzle

We are passionate about pursuing God and His presence, not just corporately on Sundays and Encounter nights but thoughout the week in our own time with God!

We know the power of worship and glorifying Him above our circumstances, that we carry an anointing to lead worship wherever our feet are and will not be satisfied in our pursuit for more of Him in our lives.

Our God is powerfully supernatural, we can't help but be changed being in His presence.

As we use our gifts to bring Him glory and pleasure and through pursuing Him passionately, we are expectant He will perform incredible miracles and healing in the lives of Peak peeps and those yet to know the love of our saviour. Not through man but the pure power of His wonderful, awesome presence.

We love Him so much and can't wait to praise Him and give Him the glory he deserves with you - united as one.

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